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Track Your Build Provides clearer Insight for better infrastructure. Our offerings are most relevant for companies, NGOs and Governments who are building or already own.
infrastructure but struggle to have reliable and high quality information to manage ongoing projects or maintain existing assets.
We are a mapping, GIS and data management company that provides clients with the information they need to build new assets or extend the lifespan and usefulness of existing ones.
Track Your Build uses drones, satellites, cloud computing and analytics for smart infrastructure management. We employ a hands-on and on-site approach
to providing our clients the support they need.


We understand that the power of aerial imagery doesn’t come from the data captured but from the analysis of the data. We employ experienced specialists to analyze images, identify anomalies, and geo-reference areas or features of interest. We can also use computer algorithms for high-volume identification, count and classification.

Track Your Build does multi-disciplinary computations, CAD drawings, and scenario modeling from aerial, GIS, and IOT data collected.

Contact us today for information on how we can serve your needs in various industries, including but not limited to; construction, oil & gas, telecommunications, climate change, crisis response, water resource management, and urban planning.
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Our Team

Edmond Nonie

Managing Director

Passionate about contributing to Africa closing the Infrastructure gap.

Samuel Nonie

Country Director - Sierra Leone

Samuel Nonie is a Physics major and a Co-founder of Track Your Build.

Philip Hazeley

Chief Technology Officer

Delivers tech solutions combined with latest up-to-date and best practices

Alhaji Foday


A skilled, adaptable and fast learning mining engineer

Rakie Sesay

Data & Systems Manager

A graphics designer & Engineer extremely passionate about development and design

Yves Mensa-Bonsu

Data Analyst

Data Analyst and UAV Specialist

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