Construction Services

complete solution for construction and engineering companies.

We provide the best quality of imaging and aerial data collection with today’s cutting edge drone technologies. Utilizing aerial imaging and data we can help construction companies manage their resources more effectively, make decisions with more accurate data, track site progress more easily, provide methods to share progress with investors and customers alike, add to workplace safety, and save money throughout the process.

JOBSITE REPORTS: Optimize jobsite reporting with digital reports of aerial surveys Using Visual Sensors

VOLUME MEASUREMENT: Calculate cut-fill volume, of how much construction resources you have or need to use (Visual Sensors)

2D JOBSITE PROGRESS TRACKING: Track daily progress and productivity (Visual Sensor)

3D JOBSITE PROGRESS TRACKING: Create precision 3d maps of your jobsites to view or export( Visual Sensor).

DIGITAL SURFACE MODEL: Generate DSMs and import them into other applications (Visual Sensor)

BUILD-OUT MONITORING: Support schedule and budget management by comparing plans to progress (Visual Sensor)

EARTHWORK MONITORING: Survey job sites to check embankment slopes, area size and cut-and-fill volumes (Visual Sensor)

SECURITY AND MONITORING: Monitor job sites with aerial surveys of equipment and materials (Visual Sensor)