Samuel Nonie

Country Director - Sierra Leone
Brief info

He is a versatile Team member with several years of professional experience. As the Chief Executive Officer in Sierra Leone he provides vision, leadership and hands on experience in various fields whether IoT devices, Product Design, Drone Surveys and GIS and Environmental work. As the former CTO of Track Your Build, Samuel also does research in new technology in the field and the various applications it could serve for our clients.

Samuel has worked as a Project Manager and Drone Pilot Survey projects undertaken by Track Your Build. He has successfully designed and implemented Drone Surveys for UNOPS under the Freetown Emergency Recovery Project-Landslide Remediation Project, Drone Surveys for UNOPS under the Rural Renewable Energy Program, Road Surveys for ILUKA Mining company and 3BDM, Renovation and construction surveys for ISAT Sierra Leone, and Land Surveys for various private clients.