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Track Your Build contribution to flood response across Freetown

Press Release

5th August 2019

Freetown and many parts of Sierra Leone were hit by harsh weather last week Thursday night till Friday midday. The conditions were characterized by a heavy downpour of rain, strong winds, flash floods, and small isolated landslides. The Sierra Leone Meteorological Agency recorded a downpour of 187mm of rain for the night of the 1st of August 2019.

The bad weather resulted in some fatalities and others requiring medical and financial assistance. The full impact of the event is still being assessed and the Office of National Security with Freetown City Council are leading the response efforts with support from other partners.

Track Your Build is one of the partners providing support to the response effort. Since the disaster happened we have been providing drone inspection of critical infrastructure and pictorial evidence of buildings damaged.

Though the weather has died down somewhat in the days since we remain on standby to serve the people of Sierra Leone whenever needed.

Please remain safe and avoid commuting during periods of heavy rain; if possible, store food and clean water at home in case of any emergency. Listen to any directives issued by Government or Freetown City Council and if you require any assistance please contact the numbers below;

119 (on Orange mobile network) – Office of National Security
031 016647 – Freetown City Council
076 933612 – Freetown City Council
079173474 – Freetown City Council


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