Quality LiDAR Outputs

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. They are sensors that use light energy, emitted from a laser to scan the ground and measure variable distances.

Drones that uses LiDAR technology sends a pulse from a laser to collect measurements, which can then be used to create very precise models including 3D models and maps of objects and environments. LiDAR technology can be used in diverse industries such as; surveying and mapping, agriculture, forestry, policing, firefighting, environmental assessment and more, to provide detailed and accurate analysis or results.

LiDAR surveys has several advantages but to name a few; Firstly; LiDAR produces its own light; which means that it is not affected by weather conditions, such as cloud cover and changing lighting conditions. Secondly; LiDAR can penetrate in small spaces including pieces of foliage, picking up the tiniest detail. Finally; after processing data obtained from a LiDAR survey, a more complete model of the scene will be generated; which engineers and technicians can use to obtain information.

With our LiDAR drone, TYB performed a survey of a Hydroelectric Dam in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone, Kono. The images are the outputs we obtained after data processing. More details of the survey will be provided in a next blog post.

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