Track Your Build has launched a new cloud service, called TYB App for monitoring engineering projects and requesting aerial data.

Users are kept informed on all ongoing projects and can access this information from any part of the globe since it is a web-based application. TYB App is a subscription based platform with THREE affordable packages; TYB Homes, TYB Pro and TYB Enterprise.

TYB Homes is geared towards home owners or property developers. Homes is recommended for people who are too busy to monitor their project or living away from their work site. This package allows for users to view project images, videos, reports and drawings.

TYB Pro is for all users preferably vendors. The Pro package has more tools than the Homes package to manage projects online like; storage, collaborators and job opportunities. Users can explore the jobs board for work opportunities and interact with TYB approved professionals from various industries who are subscribed to the platform.

TYB Enterprise is designed for large organizations or government managing multiple projects. TYB Enterprise has added security features and is customizable to the organisation and project subscribed to this package. All projects are monitored, evaluated and accessible by authorized project owners, stakeholders and collaborators.

TYB cloud offers users the possibility of storing, accessing, and retrieving files from our interface. There is a forum where users can ask questions, discuss challenges, obtain information and interact with professionals from diverse industries. Users can also request services from the TYB store by simply going to the dashboard, select the service they desire from our service catalogue and clicking the request button.

TYB App is a secure tool with a user friendly interface and scalableresources that can be accessed at any time, at any place to view, monitor and ask questions about your project saving time and money.

We can monitor your construction and land for you. Whether you’re living in Africa or Overseas you can follow the progress of your project online in our web app.

Sign up for a user account today!! https://app.trackyourbuild.com